PawesomeTV is a well-known LPStuber for her "10 Things" & DIY videos. She joined LPSTube on June 14, 2015, and her channel has reached 80,000+ subscribers with over 9,000,000 video-views.


Videos and Series Edit

10 Things: Edit

PawesomeTV is particularly well-known because of her "10 Things" videos. This seems to be the thing that catches the eyes of her viewers. Her first video of this series is "10 Things I Hate About School" which is still up on her channel. For every episode, she takes comments she receives from her viewers and uses those comments as ideas for the video, and these comments even get feautured in the video itself. A link to the full playlist is here:

DIYs Edit

Some of the props in PawesomeTV's videos are hand made and her viewers frequently request for DIYs for these props. PawesomeTV does these videos for her fans to watch and learn.

Expectations VS. Reality Edit

This is a series of shorts that many people can relate to. So far, there are only two videos in this series, and the topics of these two videos are "Studying" and "Valentines Day".

The Wall Of Fame Edit

Ever since Isabelle and her friends went to Kelly's birthday party, she has been getting nightmares and seeking counseling. After that night, Samantha left. Rumors said she left for vacation, but nobody really knows what happened. Jenny thinks that Isabelle is keeping a secret and up to something. But this all seems to relate to some "tradition" at Pawesome High and the "Wall of Fame".

Social Media Edit

PawesomeTV can be found on several social media sites, including: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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