LPS Shopicide Squad is an upcoming series by LPS Beautiful Barkers. The planned characters are:

  • Harriet Barker
  • Fabulous Puppies (Fab)
  • Harley "Quinn" Puppies
  • Ayano (Nyandere)
  • Star
  • Flower
  • Moonlight Shiningstone
  • Nayla De Coco
  • Ritzy Rococo
  • Aaron Sands
  • Winter Snowfur
  • Sarah Kitson
  • Stella Komondor
  • Alice Squeaks

Star and Flower belong to LPS Diamond Dog(s) aka Samantha Stockman. Ayano is inspired by the character in a game called Yandere Simulator. (I don't know Yandere Dev's real name!) Fab belongs to LPS Fabulous Puppies aka Shila Rose. Some names are the original names, some aren't.

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