1. Long Lost is a Drama series created by Kapiti House Productions. The series is basically about two girls, Aveallea Cameron and June Davidson, who meet due to circumstances. Later Aveallea, who has changed her name to Agie to hide her identity, is adopted by June's parents. The girls become friends and later, once summer is over are forced to go to school. They meet two girls, Olivia Smouse and Rachel Inman. The girls instantlu become friends. Later on, Clairissa Peters, one of the "Popular Girls" decides to "Destory" Agie, because she is the main reason Clairissa is losing her popularity. After Clairissa starts the war, her boyfriend (as she calls him) comes back from the vacation he and his adoptive father took Together. During a small injury problem Chris (Clairissa's "Boyfriends") sees Aveallea and a much larger war begins...

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