Brooklyn "Brooke" Hayes
Character by SophieGTV
Species Cat, shorthair
Gender Female
Age 16
Color Blonde
Eyes Blue

Brooklyn Hayes (or as she is referred to, Brooke) is a character on the series LPS: Popular by SophieGTV. She is the most popular girl at Orange County Day school and queen of "The Barbie Dolls." She is the ex-best friend of Savannah Reed and ex-girlfriend of Sage Bond and Tom Dawson.

Personal Life Edit


Brooke and Savannah's first conversation after 4 years of no communication.

Brooke's life is what some would consider "perfect," however it is anything but perfect. She lives with her rich mother who rarely gives her attention. She gets her low self-esteem from her mother's remarks. She has her own butler and two crickets.
Ms Hayes

Brooke's mother, Ms. Hayes.

Before moving, Brooke was Savannah Reed's best friend. They would do everything together and were inseparable (although Savannah admitted that she had a way of getting whatever she wanted).

It was revealed that Brooke's father was no longer alive, however it is unknown what the cause of death was.

Some time after Brooke started attending OCD, she got a makeover and met Sage Bond.


Brooke and Sage.

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