• LPSBeautifulBarkers


    February 24, 2017 by LPSBeautifulBarkers

    So, I will make a series called LPS Shopicide Squad! Want any spoilers??? I will only spoil the parts when only MY characters are there.

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  • Lpsmlptv

    Lps tuber

    August 30, 2015 by Lpsmlptv

    Hi guys I am not a lps tuber yet

    I am a Cristan and I go to church and on my iPhone camera a been making random videos on my iPhone camera Read more >
  • Go0903

    Unknown LPS Tubers

    July 8, 2015 by Go0903

    HI! My name is Sheila, and today we will be talking about Unknown LPS Tubers (I'll call them LPSer's). First one-LilyLPSTVProductions. Oh my gosh, LPS Gossip Girl, BEST SERIES EVER! Besides LPS- Popular, nothing can top that. Her series has so much drama, action, boyz!, the whole deal! Second one- LPSFireProductions. Her series, LPS- Life as a Model is a thrilling, dramatic, AWESOME series. If you like mystery, this channel is for you. Final channel- Sophiegtv. Now, I know what you're thinking. What, her channel is the most subscribed LPS Channel EVER!!! I know. I mean besides LPS- Popular. You might watch her other shows, LPS Idol, LPS The Queen, but she doesn't get much regognition for them. Sure, LPS Idol and The Queen might have bad qu…

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  • Huntress Girl

    As much as I love that more people are contribting to this wiki, the fact is there are too many pages about LPSTubers here (many of which were uncategorized) that offer little to none content about the LPSTuber. I know everyone is trying to get their favorite LPSTuber on here, but of you do not know enough, nor will bother to visit again to edit PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PAGE. If you want to see an exapmle of a very well edited page check out the one about SophieGTV or Awesome Possum Productions. Do not make a page about a specific LPSTuber and leave it unfinished, thinking that someone else will edit it, because someone might not know about him/her so reseach would be nessecary, and if there is no information about the particular person it wou…

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